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ReCheck Services Reinforce the Fair Trading of Coffee in Africa

ReCheck Services Reinforce the Fair Trading of Coffee in Africa

ReCheck joins Dutch company Almacena in an effort to develop a platform that supports coffee and tea producers. The platform cut out intermediaries within the supply chain to benefit both sides of the coffee business. Innovative technology helps producers stand out, while it facilitates relationships between stakeholders.

Through its solution, Almacena promotes sustainable practices and also supports gender equality in the business. The company’s goal is to create higher income for 800 000 smallholders in East Africa until 2025.

Technology Reinvents the Coffee Trade Process

The Almacena platform is optimized to work with very slow internet connection and it has a very user-friendly interface, working both on desktop and mobile.

The company offers a flexible service setup and easy deal capture process. Virtual wallet allows manual and automatic investments, and there is full visibility of the expected returns. There is also a payment integration through PayPal and iDeal.

Ultimately, the platform uses NFC tags that are integrated in coffee products to track commodity’s location and also serve as a certificate validating information about the origin, history, quality and the road of the coffee.

ReCheck Adds Value

ReCheck has facilitated the secure sharing of documents and the traceability of data via its software development kit.

Each interaction with data on the platform can be traced back through digital evidence that has been recorded on the blockchain. The solution guarantes that the recorded data is immutable throughout time and it conveys the digital trails related to the trading process.

ReCheck’s integrated services utilize a novel, blockchain-aided protocol for end-to-end encryption to ensure confidentiality in communication.

About Almacena

Almacena offers a new model of business that challenges and disrupts the conventional coffee-trading process, as it promotes secure data sharing. The platform utilized cloud systems, NFC and blockchain to create a digital decentralized identity of the coffee, and immutable data records of producers’ transactions in order to track and trace the route of the coffee and guarantee full transparency for all supply chain stakeholders.

About ReCheck

ReCheck has been providing technical expertise and know-how in the development of blockchain-based products and services for the last four years. ReCheck’s decentralised solutions solve information security and data sharing issues fast, easy and cost-efficiently. The company offers plug-and-play development tools to record, verify and exchange data on blockchain.