ReCheck lets you store & manage
on Blockchain the items that matter to you

What is ReCheck?

ReCheck brings you simple, safe and user-friendly access to the blockchain. It is your interface to the technology that provides a trustworthy environment for secure business and consumer interactions. Now you can store and manage the items that matter to you on blockchain. Your transactions are recorded on a network of thousands of computers. This is done using the highest level of encryption and protection.

Increase the value of your belongings

With ReCheck you increase and protect the value of your belongings.

When you register a product on blockchain you create an immutable record that can be used as proof of ownership. Then you can add facts to the items you own and provide evidence about their condition, value and history. You have the option to get the facts confirmed and validated by external organisations. In this way you have added more value and you are in a position to ask for a better price should you wish to sell them.

Be in control of your data

With ReCheck you are the owner of your identity and all data created by you.

You are in control of the way you interact with other users and organisations. When you install the ReCheck mobile application you do not need to provide any personal information and you can remain anonymous if you wish.

Know exactly what you buy

ReCheck helps you to verify the authenticity of the products you buy and to make sure that you get exactly what you pay for.

Look or ask for ReCheck tags on the products and scan them with your smartphone. The application will tell you if these products are original and registered in ReCheck Trust Network (RTN). You are able to see the story behind the products and your money will be spent on authentic products from trustworthy producers.