Rousse Free Zone Utilizes Blockchain for the Purposes of Secure Document Exchange

Rousse Free Zone Utilizes Blockchain for the Purposes of Secure Document Exchange

Clients and partners of the Rousse Free Zone will now benefit from a more optimized, efficient and secure document exchange experience, as the company will use ReCheck’s integrated services to send agreements and invoices to bill stakeholders.

ReCheck Solution – Raising The Ordinary To Extraordinary

Through a web interface, employees of the Rousse Free Zone will be able to easily upload, record, sign and share electronic invoices and other files. The web interface is very intuitive and user-friendly, and it will further facilitate document management.

The new solution will not only streamline the data exchange process, it will improve security and traceability, without compromising on privacy. The protocol for end-to-end encryption guarantees that the shared information can only be decrypted by the participants. No one, even ReCheck can access and read the confidential documents.

Data exchange is further enhanced and secured through utilizing a blockchain architecture and digital proofs, such as timestamps and fingerprints (unique trails). Records of all transactions will be stored on blockchain. That way the integrity of the documents is protected and all interactions with them can be tracked.

Through a mobile app, employees of the Rousse Free Zone will be able to create their blockchain identities and start sharing confidential financial data. The registration process takes no more than 2 minutes.

Ultimately, through utilizing the blockchain potential, ReCheck offers an efficient and secure solution that will reinvent the document exchange experience.

About Rоusse Free Zone

Rousse Free Zone is one of the largest and the most advanced logistic and industrial centers in North Bulgaria. It offers services related to logistics and customs documents handling, reservation and return of licences for international freight transport; facilitation in terms of import and export of goods and general consulting on regulation requirements in Bulgaria. There are 29 business buildings with a total build-up area of 30 000 sq.m.

About ReCheck

ReCheck has been providing technical expertise and know-how in the development of blockchain-based products and services for the last four years. ReCheck’s decentralised solutions solve information security and data sharing issues fast, easy and cost-efficiently. The company offers plug-and-play development tools to record, verify and exchange data on blockchain.