Frequently Asked Question


What is My ReCheck?

My ReCheck is an online service for secure and private exchange of information. It is used to upload, record, store, share and verify information on blockchain or other ledger databases.

What data can I protect and store with ReCheck?

There are no limits toward what type and format of data you want to store and share, as long as the file size does not exceed 5 MB.

Are there any limitations about the size of the files I upload and share with ReCheck?

Currently, there is a limitation of 5 MB for file size.

What is the cost of using My Recheck?

Yes, please contact us to explain how this is organised.


How secure is My Recheck?

My Re Check utilizes end-to-end cryptography, protocol for anonymisation and masking, along with digital proofs to guarantee maximum privacy in sharing data. Blockchain architecture provides an immutable environment to ensure that digital proofs cannot be altered or deleted. My ReCheck preserves the perfect balance between security, privacy and traceability. Transactions are recorded in a way that only users who did them can verify them using their identities.

Can ReCheck read my data?

No. No one, even ReCheck can read your personal information, unless you grant exclusive access to another user by sharing the file. In the case of sharing you decrypt the file and encrypt it to the identity of the recipient. The protocol we utilise ensures that encryption happens in the browser and ReCheck as a service provider can’t read your data.

Where exactly is my encrypted data stored?

On cloud infrastructure and servers provided by Amazon Web Services.

How can I track my data with My ReCheck?

Digital proofs such as timestamp and fingerprint (hash) helps you track your data on blockchain. When interactions with you data occur (it was shared, signed, decrypted, etc.) then ReCheck records these transactions in an immutable and verifiable environment and you can track them.

How can I see the full history of interactions with data in My ReCheck?

You need to decrypt a file and click on Details button – then the full history of interactions with the file will be displayed. Also, through an independent verifier, you will be able to track and trace all activities with your files. This means that you do not depend on Re Check to verify the history of your transactions.

Do any third parties have access to my identity and personal data?

No third parties will have any access to any of your data, including your transactions with data. We record trail hashes on blockchain or other ledger databases in a way that only you can verify the transactions.

My ReCheck Identity

What is my ReCheck Identity?

My ReCheck Identity is your digital identity that you create upon installing a ReCheck mobile application. It is created according to the principles of decentralised identities (DiD) and self-sovereign identity (SSI).

Where is my ReCheck Identity stored?

Your My ReCheck identity is encrypted and stored on your own smartphone.

What is a recovery phrase?

Your recovery phrase is a sequence of 12 words that act as a secure way to restore identity on any mobile device on which ReCheck mobile application is installed.

What happens if I lose my recovery phrase?

If you lose your recovery phrase, you will never be able to restore your My ReCheck identity.

What happens if I forget my passcode?

If you forget your passcode, you will be able to restore your identity through your recovery phrase.

What happens if I lose or change my phone?

If you lose or change your smartphone, you will be able to recover your My ReCheck identity through the recovery phrase.


Can I link my ReCheck identity to my real world identity and personal credentials?

Yes, please contact us to explain how this is organised.

How does ReCheck create digital proofs?

Using advanced cryptography methods, ReCheck creates a fingerprint and a timestamp upon each interaction with your data. Those digital proofs cannot be changed or modified later.

What is an immutable and verifiable environment?

In an immutable and verifiable environment, each transaction leaves a fingerprint, a trail of events that cannot be deleted, once the event is recorded.

How to?

How do I sign up?

In order to sign up, you need to go to and scan the QR code on the home page. You will be then automatically directed to Google Play or AppStore, based on your smartphone’s OS. Download and install the app on your phone.

How can I backup my ReCheck Identity?

By writing down the recovery phrase in a secure and secret place.

How can I reset my ReCheck Identity?

In the My Identity menu in ReCheck mobile application. You will be asked to enter your Passcode.

Why do I need to scan QR for any user function?

In order to authenticate, encrypt or decrypt data and to electronically sign transactions.

How can I share data with other ReCheck users with ultimate privacy and security?

In order to share your data with other people, you need their My ReCheck identity to identify them and encrypt the date only for them. After you have obtained the identity of the recipient you can use the Share button on the home screen at

How can I sign electronically data in My ReCheck?

By selecting a file and clicking on the Sign button on the home screen at Signing will require scanning a QR code with your ReCheck mobile application.

What kind of electronic signature do I place on data with My ReCheck?

Advanced electronic signature after your My ReCheck Identity is linked to your real-life identity.

How do I decrypt a file?

You can decrypt data by logging in at, selecting a file and clicking the Open button on the home screen. Decrypting will require scanning a QR code with your ReCheck mobile application.

What can I see in the Details section available when I decrypt a file?

You can see the full history of transactions with the decrypted file.

How can I add contacts in My ReCheck?

You need to open the Contacts menu at, click on Add New Contact and enter the exact My ReCheck identity of the person you want to add as a new contact. You can enter a nickname and email of the new contact.

How do I pay for using My ReCheck?

Please contact us to explain how this is organised.

You still have a question?

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