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ReCheck CEO Emiliyan Enev Takes Part into Shaping the Future of Europe

ReCheck CEO Emilian Enev will take part in the European Economic and Social Committee Employers’ Group event “Setting out a New Vision for the Future of Europe“. The event is organised as part of the Conference on the Future of Europe and will take place on 10 December 2021 from 9:30 to 13:00 in a hybrid format.

The Future of Europe

The Conference on the Future of Europe is a unique opportunity for European citizens to discuss Europe’s current challenges. The digital platform unites Europeans from different spheres to come together and debate about the future of the European Union.

The European Parliament, the Council and the European Commission have committed to hear out Europeans and to follow up regarding the submitted recommendations. By the spring of 2022, the Conference is expected to draw final conclusions and provide more clarity on the future vision of Europe.

Topics of the Conference

  • Climate change and the environment
  • Health
  • A stronger economy, social justice and jobs
  • EU in the world
  • Digital transformation
  • Values and rights, rule of law, security
  • European democracy
  • Migration
  • Education, culture, youth and sport
Future for Europe event

Setting out a New Vision for the Future of Europe

Nowadays, we all have suffered a great paradox – there is a great ambition for economic growth and prosperity on one side and there is the striving for a sustainable future for our planet, on the other side. The challenges we have faced today require collective efforts, where an integrated approach is utilised. We need to overcome fragmentation and institutional barriers.

Circular economy Europe

In that matter, the green and digital twin technologies have already become the focus of the European Union’s efforts to shift to a competitive and sustainable climate-neutral economy. And although the European Commission’s Green Deal, the New Industrial Strategy, the Digital Strategy, and the Circular Economy Action Plan have already laid the groundwork for the new economic reality, yet, much remains to be done.

Inevitably, Europe’s future is greatly influenced by the future of its industry landscape: great ambitions require solid and innovative companies.

Looking for the right answers together

In the spirit of the EU values, the aim of the event is to bring together European leaders and the business to debate and look for answers to some of the most critical problems we are facing:

  1. How do companies approach and incorporate green, economic and digital goals in their day-to-day business operations?
  2. What are the difficulties that companies face related to transitioning to new business models?
  3. How can companies overcome silos and fragmentation to foster collaborative intelligence towards their green and digital transformations, while still remaining competitive?
  4. How can digital twins be integrated into a policy framework to ensure competitiveness and industrial transformation?

9:30 – 9:50

Welcoming remarks

  • Stefano Mallia, President of the EESC Employers’ Group
  • Christa Schweng, President of the EESC

9:50 – 10:10

Visionary keynote speeches

  • Herman Van Rompuy, former President of the European Council
  • Daria Tataj, Founder & CEO of Tataj Innovation

10:10 – 10:55

Discussion between Daria Tataj and Herman Van Rompuy with the active participation of the Employers’ Group Members, representatives and the general public via slido

10:55 – 11:15


11:15 – 12:00

Panel discussion – Shaping a new business model for Europe’s Green and Digital Transitions
Keynote speech by Michael Strugl, CEO, Verbund AG tbc

  • Christophe Naulleau, CSR Senior Vice President at Orange Europe
  • Daniela Ducato, CEO of Edizero
  • Emiliyan Enev, CEO of ReCheck B.V.
  • Martin Pei, Executive Vice President & CTO at SSAB AB
  • Dominick Moxon-Tritsch, VP, Regulation & Public Policy, Bolt

12:00 –  12:40

Q&A with the active participation of the Employers’ Group Members and the representatives of partner organisations

12:40 – 12:55

Response by Manfred Weber, Member of the European Parliament, Chair of the EPP Group

12:55 – 13:00

Closing remarks by Stefano Mallia, President of the EESC Employers’ Group

Be the change you want to see in the world.
Come and join our CEO Emiliyan Enev in shaping the future of Europe!

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