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Smart Building Certification

The Smart Building Certification Demo Day Makes a Difference

The ReCheck team will pitch its latest product, the Green Box during one of the Smart Building Certification demo days. The event hosted by the Smart Building Certification will take place tomorrow, December the 1st and features partners such as Microsoft, Siemens, Rabobank, ABN AMRO, Credit Suisse and ING.

The Smart Building Certification Demo Days are a great opportunity for real estate professionals to share knowledge and learn more about current technology and smart innovations. The focus is on solutions that can support and improve how the built environment performs and operates.

Themes that will be covered during the Smart Building Certification Demo Days include:

  • Building Usage
  • Building Performance
  • Building Environment
  • Health, Safety, and Security
  • User Behavior & Collaboration
  • Integrative Design & Connectivity

The Smart Building Certification Demo Day

The event will feature 10-minute slots for participants to pitch their solutions. Some of the other pitches will come from Blue ID, Spacewell, Nexton, Bisner and R8. There will also be two 20-minute slots dedicated to networking and Q and A. All participants will present their technological and smart innovations that are precisely focused on how to improve the built environment.

Who is the Smart Buildings Demo Day for?

  • Property Managers/Owners/Tenants
  • Potential buyers/Investors
  • Venture Capital & Technology Investors
  • Construction Companies
  • Lenders & Financial Institutions
  • Technology Companies
  • Real Estate Service Providers
  • Asset Managers/Pension Funds
  • Facility management

Event format

The event will be hosted via the Hopin platform and will feature:

  1. Main Stage with pitches: Speakers will cover critical real estate challenges and look for integrated technological solutions. Get inspired and learn about interesting topics from premiere real estate people. While all of the attendees can watch the pitches live, there will be a recording made available right after the event.
  2. Q&A: Another part of the event will be a virtual roundtable with a maximum of five table guests. Attendees can decide to jump in and take part in the live discussion or they will be able to just view and listen to what other participants share.
  3. Digital 1-on-1 meetings: A live video chat to virtually meet with attendees 1-on-1 – get matched with a person that is can help and nurture your business and network. You will get to know a lot of real estate and finance professionals in a short period of time.

About ReCheck

ReCheck is currently developing a product that can help with improving the built environment, extracting securely and reliable real-time data for air quality, humidity, CO2 or even energy consumption if needed. The dashboard will support data management and sharing through the best mechanisms for data structuring and privacy-preserving exchange of building information. The solution is being developed in cooperation with Jo Bronckers who is also one of the co-founders of FIBREE.

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