AE Ventures Uses ReCheck's Solution to Sign Investment Agreements

AE Ventures Uses ReCheck’s Solution to Sign Investment Agreements

AE Ventures now uses ReCheck’s integrated services to electronically sign and store evidence of all investment agreements it commits to. Through the ReCheck solution, the investment company will bulletproof its communication and provide a secure and transparent environment, and onboarding for all new stakeholders.

Solution about managing investment agreements

ReCheck’s Solution will advance and further secure how investment papers are signed and managed. Digital proofs such as hashes (fingerprints) and timestamps will denote all transactions with the documents. Whereas the tool guarantees ultimate security and traceability, it empowers stakeholders to leverage from the privacy-by-design approach.

AE Ventures will share and sign documents electronically, without revealing any unnecessary sensitive information. No third party, including ReCheck, will be able to decrypt and read the shared, confidential data. Only AE Ventures and its partners will have access to the particular investment agreements.

The new solution will streamline the document exchange. Through optimization of the process, interested parties will improve efficiency in data management, without compromising privacy and security.

About AE Ventures

AE Ventures is an investment company that focuses on funding early-stage projects, as well as encouraging collaboration and progress in the entire blockchain ecosystem. Their mission is to support projects that make blockchain technology and SaaS scalable and easy to use all over the world.

About ReCheck

ReCheck has been providing technical expertise and know-how in the development of blockchain-based solutions for the last four years. The company is a pioneer in developing decentralized applications that generate practical value to businesses and it has already completed numerous successful projects across the EU.