ReCheck Kit
A Blockchain Kit to Enhance Security, Privacy & Traceability in Data Exchange


ReCheck Kit is a first choice for creators who want to future-proof their products and services in the transition to decentralised Internet Web 3.0. It is completely aligned with the emerging standards and regulations for decentralised identifiers (DiD), self-sovereign identity, trust services for electronic transactions and digital evidence on blockchain admissible in court.

The Kit in Real Life

ReCheck’s SDK has already proved its value in projects related to protecting intellectual property, tracing the origin of commodities worldwide, securing data exchange in law firms, notarizing legal documents, and smart cities.

Superior Value for Your Money

1/ Unparalleled Security

Eliminate fraud hazards related to phishing, man-in-the-middle attacks and cope with data breaches. Through the blockchain-based digital identities, stakeholders can securely share valuable data without the fear of losing competitive edge. Reveal only what is important and relevant to the transaction, without exposing any other personal information.

2/ Real-time Traceability

ReCheck Kit will improve how you monitor the flow of your data or products. Real-time synchronisation of data flows and processes will help you reduce the time to complete tasks and make the right decisions. Furthermore, the Kit will diminish errors related to human errors and help you stay compliant through utilising audit trails.

3/ Risk & Cost Reduction

Benefit from low transaction costs and reduce expenses associated with data management and data protection. ReCheck solution can save you time and money for development process and deployment, as the Kit utilises plug-and-play approach. Enjoy scalable cost plans and pay for what you use.

4/ Easy Integration

ReCheck Kit Kit can function as a standalone service, and it can also be quickly incorporated as an additional layer on top of existing systems. It works with private and public blockchain networks, and it can be integrated with other ledger databases as well. The open source approach makes it easy to test and adapt to fit your particular use case.
Building Blocks

Decentralised Identities

Incorporating decentralised identities, ReCheck’s solution enables data sources, data owners and data consumers to share information in a fair and transparent environment, where no party can prevail over the other. Data ownership is no longer an abstract concept.


Digital Proofs

Using data masking, the algorithm for creating digital evidence preserves the perfect balance between guarding your privacy and leveraging full traceability of data transactions. Data activity can be traced only through its immutable digital proofs that are a hash and a timestamp.


Avant-garde Encryption

Data-sharing is protected through a unique person-to-person encryption. Utilising a combination of public and private keys, stakeholders can communicate data in confidence. Оnly the recipient can decrypt information, and nobody (including ReCheck!) can access it.


Blockchain Verifier

Data records and transactions can be easily verified through an independent web verifier. You do not need to rely on ReCheck tools to access digital proofs, as you can verify the transactions directly on blockchain.


High Level API

The SDK utilizes high-level API to further facilitate integration and incorporation with existing systems and processes.

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