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How to protect and secure your crypto wallet?

How to protect and secure your crypto wallet?

Maybe the most important word in crypto – security – is its one aspect that most often remains overlooked, and users continue to fall victim to their own negligence and lack of knowledge. In reality, following several simple rules is ...
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CO2 Meters For Schools - the Ultimate Guide

CO2 Meters For Schools – the Ultimate Guide [Infographics]

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, many European governments are seriously considering allocating CO2 meters for schools. Through some public funding, schools in Belgium, Latvia, and the United Kingdom will be equipped ...
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3 Reasons Why You Need to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Why You Need to Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air quality if not monitored and maintained properly can lead to severe health impacts. Furthermore, the worsened air climate negatively affects the productivity and cognitive function of employees. Amidst ...
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climate misinformation

Climate Misinformation is a Real and Expensive Battle

Last month the United Nations Climate Change Conference gathered presidents of the most economically developed countries to debate and look for solutions concerning the Paris Agreement goals. However, one other ...
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Bulgaria Has Its EBSI Node Live

Earlier this year, ReCheck together with other peers - Lime Chain, Aeternity and The Edge, led by INDUSTRIA, started a journey that will reshape how the Bulgarian business and government ...
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Smart Building Certification

The Smart Building Certification Demo Day Makes a Difference

The ReCheck team will pitch its latest product, the Green Box during one of the Smart Building Certification demo days. The event hosted by the Smart Building Certification will take ...
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future of Europe

ReCheck CEO Emiliyan Enev Takes Part into Shaping the Future of Europe

ReCheck CEO Emilian Enev will take part in the European Economic and Social Committee Employers' Group event "Setting out a New Vision for the Future of Europe". The event is ...
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