Why do we launch DataPond

Why do we launch DataPond and what is it?

Since its inception, ReCheck has been a company that develops practical blockchain solutions that prove the meaning and value of decentralized technologies. We see blockchain as a force for good, an enabler for freedom, and a destroyer of monopolies. In today’s world, many challenges distort the market, limit rights, and create injustice. Decentralization is a potential answer and solution to many problems. Still, beyond the philosophical and ethical dimensions, we must remember that blockchain is simply a piece of technology. This big ledger book contains secure records about what happened in one network and who owns what. This is the definition of a digital notary. Therefore, ReCheck products are focused on using these properties – transparency, traceability, and security. We have completed projects to protect sensitive data, confidential file sharing, and many more.

AI – the major catalyst

Generative Artificial intelligence is catalyzing many changes, and we are following its development firsthand. It will create new content distribution channels, optimization tools, and business models. Most online platforms will have interfaces to AI and will allow their content to be accessed easily, quickly, and conveniently. Instead of opening web pages, people will consume content through AI chatbots and agents, transforming basic principles of content monetization. However, large language models are still under the control of large companies and pose potential risks. Among these disadvantages are centralization, the lack of information on what data the model is trained with, the inability to verify the sources of the responses generated by the chatbots, and opportunities for copyright abuse.

Let’s connect the dots

Developing solutions at the intersection of blockchain and AI was a natural next chapter in ReCheck’s story. It all started with a brainstorming session in the office where we were looking for an application of our blockchain infrastructure in the context of AI. Almost immediately, we identified the opportunity to add value through the traceability and transparency of data that AI leverages. Our first hypothesis was – what if the data prepared for AI tools is registered on the blockchain and every use of the information by chatbots and agents is accounted for? We did a quick technical feasibility and validated the possibility of applying our software components and expertise to a similar product. We called it DataPond – the name is related to preparing data sets that go into a collection and feed a chatbot connected to this data.

What is DataPond now?

DataPond is a product that will enable organizations and ordinary users to use AI safely, efficiently and transparently. The first version of the solution allows easy creation of chatbots for company and personal purposes. This is something trivial and will be supported by Open AI as a retrieval service – upload your documents and chat with them. But we’re adding features that set DataPond apart from other products. First, we make it possible to reference the data sources used by the AI to generate the answers. This dramatically increases the trust and security of the results created by AI – it is no longer a black box that it can make up. You can check on the basis of what data he offers you a specific solution and check the reliability of the information from the source yourself. Second, DataPond provides statistics and metrics for AI data consumption. Based on these analytics, you can monitor how agents use certain information and make decisions about optimizations, adding content, and editing what has already been uploaded. Another functionality is the ability to increase the accuracy of answers by adding metadata, contextual augmentation, and entering correct answers for individual questions.

What is DataPond

What is our vision for DataPond?

Our vision for DataPond is to become a building block for ensuring fair, transparent, and safe operation of AI. The product will be used initially for knowledge base management, a tool for decision support and training/onboarding employees. The focus will be developing DataPond as a legal assistant trained with exact laws and court cases. This will drastically reduce costs and time for legal research, testing legal hypotheses and preparing for lawsuits. Each answer could include a reference to the legal framework and case law.

The next stage is the development of DataPond as a marketplace for data that is consumed through AI tools. Any use of information by chatbots, agents, etc., will be accounted for on the blockchain and will be the basis for distributing compensation to content creators and sources. The data in DataPond carries the cryptographic signature of the sources and thus will ensure that the AI is working with trustworthy data that increases the accuracy and reliability of the answers.

Would you like to try DataPond and create a custom chatbot with transparent AI data usage for your organization? Send a message here, and we will provide access to a demo account.

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