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ReCheck Joins Smart Building Certification Ecosystem

We are glad to announce that ReCheck has joined the Smart Building Certification ecosystem to accelerate collaboration with key market players in the field of smart integrations, realizing data warehouses that belong to the building, and the use of blockchain in smart buildings.

Together with Smart Building Certification, we are going to focus on three primary areas:

  • Proving the power of collaboration and community and quantifying the value
  • We will share case studies to not only showcase technology but the value and innovation you can create from them
  • And finally, research, bring hypothesis to life through scientific data and proven metrics

About Smart Building Certification

Smart Building Certification was founded in February 2020 as an initiative to establish an honest and independent platform that appraises buildings all around the globe based on how smart they are. The Smart Building Certification is: Founded in Science, refined in practice, and constantly optimized by our network of experts. The certification has a strong foundation in academic research and partnerships as well as what is growing to be the largest collaborative ecosystem within the smart building space.

“We are beyond excited to be working with ReCheck to explore the best way to integrate systems, analyze data, whilst providing the safest and most secure environments. The more mature smart buildings become the more standardization we will see in how systems and data are integrated, this is the expertise ReCheck brings to the table.”
Nicholas White, Co-Founder Smart Building Certification

ReCheck Green Box

The concept of ReCheck Green Box is to provide a single digital space to store, share and create value from real estate data. The solution creates a comprehensive and trustworthy overview of the performance of the properties you own, rent, or invest in.

ReCheck Green Box integrates data streams and turns fragmented and unstructured information into actionable insights. The product supports actual control over data, eliminates lock-ins, and breaks down data silos.

“We want to meet new partners that are thrilled to get rid of silos and integrate building data streams in a single space they control. To start with indoor air quality data sharing to prove that a building is safe and healthy for its users.”
Emiliyan Enev, Co-Founder and CEO of ReCheck

For more information reach out to:

Nicholas White, Co-Founder Head of Strategy and Operations
e-mail: Website:

Emiliyan Enev, Co-Founder and CEO

Stay tuned for news & updates by ReCheck!