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ReCheck Presents the Building Passport at digitalHUB Aachen

The building passport solution was successfully presented in front of the German tech ecosystem. ReCheck was one of the top selected startups to take part in the fourth edition of Meet the Startups Euregio. The event was organized by digitalHUB Aachen, QESKE, Brightlands Smart Services Campus, and Corda Campus, and there were around 150 participants from three countries. Nine startups had to present their innovative solutions during the networking event that was streamed online from the digitalCHURCH venue.

The Building Passport

The Building Passport is a digital vault where you can manage and secure real estate data on the blockchain. With ReCheck’s solution, you can increase the value of your property by simply improving and certifying essential data. And the latter includes energy performance data and insights related to the air quality inside the building.

With the EU Green Deal and the ESG criteria on the horizon, consumers need the right tools to prove how sustainable their buildings are. Furthermore, having that data will allow for owners to get better sales deals, leases, funding, and a better ROI of their commercial spaces. Ultimately, the Building Passport collects data related to how energy-efficient your property is and what the air quality is, and it keeps the historical data in an immutable environment. The way that data is recorded allows it to be easily accessed and verified by interested stakeholders.

The Startup Pitches

A total of nine startups were invited to present their products at the online networking event. Additionally, each participant had a six-minute slot to present their business model and discuss their challenges and opportunities. Some of the startups that presented were:

  • Morning with the development of a coaching AI;
  • Not Just a Jewel (NJAJ) – developing a smart jewellery bracelet to strengthen the safety of women wearing it;
  • RIIICO GmbH – are developing a B2B software for intelligent digital twins via AI & 3D Scans;
  • aiConomix – AI startup with a self-learning software assistant for businesses;
  • Eldertech is developing a digital platform for making home care for the elder more efficient;
  • EmoSys is developing a monitoring device for epilepsy patients;
  • QUARTZ offers a data analysis platform for managing customer journeys;
  • smirror is a startup developing a “smart mirror” as a home trainer;

Video from the event

Here is the video from the event, where you can learn more about the challenges and the opportunities discussed during the event.

About ReCheck

ReCheck BV is a Dutch product-oriented startup that builds solutions in the field of information security and digital sovereignty. The company is one of the European pioneers in the development of practical decentralised applications with tangible value. We help developers and startups to incorporate distributed ledger technologies in their products by providing tools to record, verify, track and sign data on the blockchain. ReCheck’s functionalities are easy to integrate and they improve security, privacy, and traceability in data exchange.