ReCheck Joins Odyssey to Give Buildings a Personality


ReCheck will take part at Odyssey’s event Momentum in an effort to create a solution that aims to facilitate the collection and distribution of real estate data through a Unique Object Identifier. The challenge is defined by the Dutch Kadaster, Fibree and the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.

What is Momentum?

Odyssey Momentum is a 49-hour online event that fosters collaboration to solve 21 challenges. Momentum takes place on November 13-15, 2020, when 105 selected teams from all over the world will co-create new solutions to complex challenges aligned with the United Nation’s sustainable development goals.

The challenges of Momentum were contributed by corporations, governments, and nonprofits from the US, France, Germany, Sweden, and the Netherlands. Some of the stakeholders are KLM Cargo, the Dutch National Police, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, E.On, VMware, and the Dutch Ministry of Defence.

2,000 participants are working to solve challenges that have a global societal and economic impact, and cover domains such as energy transition, conscious cities, logistics, public safety, real estate, healthcare, and digital identity.After Momentum is over, the best teams will be supported in further developing their solutions and launching pilot projects with the challenge contributors and stakeholders.

Opening Up Real Estate

Currently, there is a lack of standard connector to identify buildings and parts of buildings.
The data landscape of the building industry is currently being fragmented, siloed and ineffective. There is an increasing need for trusted, comprehensive and real-time data. According to challenge contributors, data is easily lost, must be copied by hand and not readily available, which is leading to high costs for risk management and failure costs of €5 billion per year in Netherlands alone.

Government and society also lose, as urban planning do not work with a broad data field. A 21st-century national data infrastructure should ensure frictionless and permissioned data sharing across organizations, the public or the private sector.

ReCheck’s Role at the Opening Up Real Estate Track

As a participating team in the challenge “Opening Up Real Estate”, ReCheck will develop a prototype for generating the Unique Object Identifier (UOI). That will validate the viability and the practical application of UOI protocol in real-world use cases. Particular tasks and activities could include defining the structure of UOI (relations in a graph database), creating search for UOI, updating the UOI, preview of updated UOI data, historical overview and access control.