ReCheck presented its New Project BlockMyDoc at Politecnico di Milano


15 April, 2020, Politecnico di Milano – one of the most renowned universities in Milan, hosted a workshop dedicated on blockchain and artificial intelligence, and in particular, how these technologies can help lawyers, public notaries and accountants with ongoing issues.

During the event, ReCheck demonstrated its recent project BlockMyDoc for the first time. The latter is an online service to register and verify data on blockchain. BlockMyDoc is the result of a joint initiative between ReCheck and studioclass – studiolegale cislaghi lessio associati, a boutique law firm in Milan, founded by Paolo Lessio and Francesco Cislaghi. Studioclass is the winner of the contest “Most Innovative Law Firm” that was organized by Politecnico’s School of Management in 2014.

Digital Innovation Observers

The Digital Innovation Observatories of the School of Management at the Politecnico di Milano were established in the year 1999. The main goal of these observatories is to create a hub for digital innovation, support opportunities and measure how digital technologies can empower businesses, public administrations and citizens. There are some 400 partners and sponsors, with 200 workshops, webinars and conferences hosted.

Claudio Rorato, who is a Scientific Manager at one of the observers that is “Professionals and Digital Innovation”, is also one of the organizers of the workshop “Blockchain e Intelligenza Artificiale negli Studi Professionali”.

ReCheck and Studioclass Joint Efforts

ReCheck is happy to join efforts with the Italian lawyer Paolo Lessio, who is the owner of the Italian legal practice “studioclass”, to create a tangible solution for lawyers, accountants, and corporates. The solution enables stakeholders to record and verify documents on blockchain. It has been designed particularly for the Italian market and is under the brand BlockMyDoc.

BlockMyDoc is an innovative product to help legal practitioners exchange papers digitally and protect the integrity of the documents they share.

 The service will boost the level of trust between lawyers, institutions and clients, as it will create verifiable digital evidence regarding their communication on blockchain.

Studioclass was one of the participants showcasing how blockchain can reinvent the data-sharing process by strengthening security and data integrity. And, BlockMyDock is just one of the practical use cases that was presented at Politecnico di Milano.