ReCheck integrates with NEAR

ReCheck integrates with NEAR

ReCheck integrates with NEAR to facilitate building on its blockchain

ReCheck receives a grant from NEAR to help foster the adoption of its blockchain among end users and developers. The purpose of the grant is to adapt Recheck’s software libraries and digital wallets to the NEAR protocol and make them available to the community. It is the beginning of a partnership and synergy based on shared values and an understanding of web3 development.

ReCheck is a Dutch-Bulgarian company and a blockchain technology partner for businesses that apply blockchain for real-world use cases. Since its inception, the company has specialized in adding blockchain tools and functionalities to platforms to enable web3 capabilities. These components include authentication with digital wallets; data integrity protection; secure and private information sharing; digital asset management; traceability; etc. ReCheck’s solutions are blockchain-agnostic and allow running transactions on protocols that bring the most benefits to users. The support of the NEAR protocol will allow current and future ReCheck partners to leverage the NEAR blockchain as a preferred infrastructure for their products. Furthermore, ReCheck’s end-user applications will be based on NEAR and contribute to its ecosystem by establishing synergies with other projects.

NEAR is a blockchain protocol featuring several key advantages, making it efficient and infinitely scalable. It features an extremely fast processing system with approximately 3,000 transactions per second with a transaction finality of two seconds. The gas fees are affordable, in the range of $0.01 per transaction. Additionally, NEAR is interoperable with Ethereum through its Rainbow Bridge, allowing for the fast and secure transfer of assets. It is also one of the most user and developer-friendly protocols, offering a wide range of developer tools and being the first to build human readable account names in its wallets.

“We are glad to find a partner in NEAR providing, on the one hand, technical infrastructure and, on the other hand, support with marketing and business development. What impresses us is the quality of the team, the focus on the Balkans, and the community’s growth. The ReCheck team is excited to deploy its development tools and apps on NEAR, thus empowering others to build amazing web3 products”.


‘’ReCheck are one of the early pioneers of blockchain technology in the Balkans and we at NEAR Balkans Hub are happy to support them to further grow their business within the NEAR ecosystem in the region.’’


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