Workshop: Blockchain in Practice - Transitioning to Web 3.0

ReCheck Made it To The Coca Cola Company Tech Innovation Lab

The Coca-Cola Company held its second Tech Innovation Lab event on November, 7th 2019 in Sofia. The event was launched in 2018 in an effort to provide a good platform for presenting successful digital solutions to the business. The project aims to connect startup companies who provide innovative products with the Coca-Cola System in order to promote their development and implementation as sustainable alternatives to the current processes.

16 startup companies that operate in industries such as fintech, biotechnology, communications and marketing, logistics, big data and software took part in the Tech Innovation Lab. Ivan Krentchev, Strategy, Innovation, Capabilities & Communication Manager at Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company was the host of the event. Jeff Nortrup from Concord USA and Daniel Lorer from BrightCap Ventures were some of the distinguished partner speakers. Also, Cleantech Bulgaria, Impetus and Fram Creative Solutions were some of the other partners.

ReCheck was happy to be one of the startups privileged to present their innovative solution, as well. Our CEO, Emiliyan Enev emphasized on the importance of using a secure and reliable data exchange service, as privacy and data integrity have become more vulnerable today. ReCheck provides a secure environment for file-sharing and collaboration that is backed up by blockchain technology.

A data exchange service that is data agnostic and uses person-to-person encryption. Digital proofs and history trails add an extra layer of security. That is because they make it easy for every transaction with the document to be verified and validated. Moreover, ReCheck can be easily deployed and adapted to current corporate systems and processes. Another indisputable benefit is that the integration process is fast and cost-effective.

The product can also create a digital identity for physical products and so it can be used for products that are very rare, authentic or expensive. Through its digital identity, it is very easy to validate product history and ownership.