ReCheck Documents


Register, transfer, sign and track documents on blockchain.

A platform for secure data storage and exchange

ReCheck develops solutions ensuring easy, cheap and fast recording and verification of data on blockchain.

The showcase product of the company is ReCheck Docs – digital safe box enabling end users and small businesses to register documents on blockchain and share them securely with person-to-person encryption. Using DLT ReCheck Docs makes every interaction with the documents digitally provable. It is pluggable in any system just by writing a few lines of code and integrating developer library in new or existing enterprise software platforms. This lays a foundation for a new generation of data-driven processes with unseen level of privacy and data security.

Document integrity protection

No more phishing or man-in-the-middle attacks

ReCheck documents offers ultimate security and protection of digital documents. You can quickly verify the authenticity and the authorship of the documents you receive and build trust when you send files to your partners and clients.

Discrete document sharing

only the right recipient can access your files

With ReCheck Documents you can send a document in a way that only the right recipient can access it. And you can do it without collecting personal data like email. The documents are securely transferred exclusively to the selected users with specific identity and are unavailable for others.

Document access tracking

be in full control of your files

ReCheck Documents enables you to be in full control of your digital documentation. The service provides dynamic overview regarding the status of the documents you manage. In the dashboard you can easily track which sent documents are received, signed or pending.