Workshop: Blockchain in Practice – Transitioning to Web 3.0


Blockchain followed the hype cycle related to the emergence of new technologies and after the initial enthusiasm, the inflated expectations were crushed, speculation and fraud (ICOs without product) were unveiled. Similar to the dot-com boom, after the burst of the bubble, the survivors will have to create products and services with tangible value, and so the market will readjust its players.

The time has come for those who build decentralised products with real utility and applicability. Gradually, blockchain will become ubiquitous just as databases and cloud technology have become. It will be one of the fundamental components of the new digital infrastructure, called decentralised internet or simply Web 3.0.

So, what is the purpose and the value of decentralised products? There is a growing awareness of the practical aspects of blockchain – especially in the context of building trust and adding security layers. ReCheck B.V. (a startup from Brightlands ecosystem) figured out the real value and practical application of blockchain technology, as it learned it the hard way – through many iterations, based on market demand, pilots and challenges. We would like to share those lessons that we learned, some real-life insights and also showcase some working blockchain products that can be easily integrated in software systems.

This event will be useful for those who:

  • Wonder if blockchain is the right solution to your business;
  • Need practical insights about how blockchain can be utilised;
  • Want to integrate a blockchain layer in their products and services;
  • Look for easy blockchain-based development tools and services.

Key points of the agenda

  • Lessons learned from developing blockchain-based products;
  • How to evaluate the utility of blockchain for use cases;
  • How to create value and apply the technology to your products/services;
  • Regulations and legal aspects concerning blockchain technology;
  • How can you incorporate blockchain technology to your business;
  • Takeaways and what’s coming next.

Demonstrating working solutions:

  • A glimpse into ReCheck’s SDK – a package of blockchain functionalities (record, verify and exchange data on blockchain) that can be easily integrated as a pluggable component;
  • Practical demo of ReCheck Docs – online service to protect and securely exchange sensitive data;
  • Applying this tools for developing human-centric products with privacy by design and digital sovereignty of users.About the speaker:

Emiliyan Enev is a digital entrepreneur and business developer with previous experience in senior management positions in three companies and a bilateral Chamber of Commerce. He has launched several new projects successfully in the last 5 years – a platform for mobile marketing, a co-working space and initiative for national hackathons. Emiliyan is the winner in the competition App Challenge 2.0, winner in the competition The Outstanding Young Persons of Bulgaria 2018, organised by JCI, board member of the Bulgarian Startup Association and a regular speaker at technology and startup events. In 2017 he became a co-founder of Recheck BV – a Dutch company developing blockchain products for protecting and secure exchange of data.

The participation is free. Reserving a seat from here: Eventbrite

Participation is free of charge. You just need to reserve a seat by taking a ticket from Eventbrite’s page of the event. The room (Server and Switch room) is at the ground floor at the Smart Services Campus – ask for directions at the reception.

Venue, time and location

Date And Time:
Wednesday, February 12, 2020
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM CET

Brightlands Smart Services Campus

2 Smedestraat
6411 CR Heerlen