ReCheck becomes a co-founder in ipOcean Global GmbH


ReCheck BV participated as a co-founder in the incorporation of the German legal entity ipOcean Global GmbH – a company building next generation platform for managing intellectual property. This is a continuation of the successful collaboration between the team of ipOcean and ReCheck throughout the year. The partnership started at the beginning of 2019 and had accelerated recently.

ReCheck is the main technology partner of ipOcean and had a leading role in the development of the alpha version of its platform. The ambition of ipOcean is to become a global social network for innovations enabling people to protect their inventions, share them securely with others and negotiate the terms for exchanging the intellectual property.  The platform is powered by distributed ledger technology and the executed transactions are electronically signed with the blockchain identities of the users and registered on the ledger.

ipOcean already attracted the interest of leading German corporations (BASF, Sanofi, etc.) that see the potential to apply the solution for optimising their R&D processes. Furthermore, universities and platforms for storing and accessing intellectual property data expressed desire to cooperate. The founders believe that the approach of ipOcean (combining security with efficient sharing of sensitive intellectual property information) will contribute to harnessing the untapped potential of creating innovations in collaborative effort and environment. 

The platform is very appropriate for addressing and tackling some of the most acute problems the world faces today – like climate change for example. The users can contribute to these social challenges via ipOcean for free.