ReCheck Takes Part at the 2020 Golden Panda Competition


The 2020 Golden Panda Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition took place on October 19th, 2020 at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus. The event was held both physically on-site and online. The competition was held physically at the Brightlands Campus with all pandemic safety recommendation in regard.

ReCheck was one of visionary blockchain pioneers who pitched their innovative ideas and took a chance to win one of three prizes. Sponsor of the event was the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government and prizes from EUR 6000 to EUR 12.500 were awarded to the best pitches.

The Event

The Orange Bear LegalTech Consulting is organising the event to provide their know-how to local SMEs and introduce them to blockchain technology, while giving eligible startups the chance to pitch and qualify for prizes. The event format was a competition.

Starting with an opening speech and an overview of the benefit policies in Chengdu High-tech Zone, the event featured innovative SMEs that had to present their forward-thinking concepts and solutions they are building. At two rounds with a short coffee break, all of the participants had to describe their ideas.

ReCheck’s Minutes

ReCheck had to present its blockchain-based software solution that enables stakeholders to securely, exchange data in an immutable environment. A record of each transaction with a particular data is recorded on blockchain where it cannot be deleted or manipulated.

ReCheck Kit facilitates data sharing, offering full traceability without compromising privacy and safety. It is completely aligned with the emerging standards for decentralised identifiers (DiD), self-sovereign identity, and trust services for electronic transactions. Digital evidence recorded on blockchain is admissible in court.