Get proof of ownership on blockchain with ReCheck


You have heard about this notorious blockchain technology and you wonder if it is used for something meaningful apart from the crypto currencies. Does it have some practical applications in the real life? What can you do blockchain now and how can you take advantage of its properties?

Well, come and see. The ReCheck team will make demonstration how you can execute transactions and run smart contracts on a live blockchain – just by tapping buttons on the screen of your mobile device. With ReCheck you can register your valuable belongings on blockchain and you can start to manage their history and ownership. You are in control – you are the owner of your profile and all data generated by you. You can claim items, transfer ownership and add digital facts to products. Thus, you protect and increase the value of your belongings.

All participants in the event will receive access to the public beta of ReCheck mobile application with charged crypto currency on their balance. Further, we will provide free electronic tags (NFC chips) that can be attached on the products registered on blockchain.

17:00 – Start with short introduction
17:05 – Practical blockchain – what is in it for you?
17:20 – What is ReCheck and how you can use it?
17:40 – Demonstrations and interactions with the audience.
18:00 – Get your free tags, the red pill and start to manage your data and belongings on blockchain.
The event will take place in Puzl coworking space on 13th of April. It is free and open for everybody. In order to prepare some materials we ask you to provide few details and reserve your spot by filing in this form: