How to test ReCheck Docs (alpha) – tutorial


ReCheck Docs is an online service for documents management on blockchain deployed on æternity’s testnet. With ReCheck Docs you can register (create hash and timestamp) of a PDF document on blockchain, verify registered document, transfer securely a file to selected recipient and track it. 

Please, follow the steps below to test ReCheck Docs in alpha stage. 

1. Open this link from your desktop or laptop (not on smartphone) –

2. Click Login at top right corner. A QR with challenge code will be displayed.

3. Scan the QR with the camera on your smartphone:
a) For iOS simply open the main camera and scan. The QR will be recognised and a prompt to open link in browser will be displayed. 
b) For Android open any app for scanning QR and scan the QR. Then open the link encoded in the QR.

4. Web app from this URL will be loaded in your browser on the smartphone. Follow the instructions to create a PIN code. 

5. After the PIN is created your blockchain identity is automatically generated and stored in the local storage of the browser. You should see this web app loaded in the browser of your smartphone:

6. Then you are automatically logged in ReCheck Docs alpha. If you reached timeout. please click login from this link and scan with the web app opened on the browser of your smartphone (to open the web app you can directly type “” in the browser installed on your smartphone). If necessary give camera permission in the browser settings.

7.  After you are logged into ReCheck Docs alpha you can explore the service by uploading a document and creating a hash and timestamp on æternity’s testnet. Currently ReCheck Docs supports PDF file not bigger than 5 MB.

8. You can open uploaded document and explore the relevant user functions:

Thank you very much for your time and effort to test ReCheck Docs alpha! Please, fill in this form after the test in order to share your experience and feedback – that is crucial for improving the service. Feel free to provide your email in the form in order to get free credits to use the service in production stage.