ReCheck Tutorial – Create item id

Finally, our beta is now available until 28.02 and we wanted to give our users a quick tutorial on how to better experience ReCheck. For the purpose, we would like to bring into focus three main feature of the ReCheck application – “Create new item identity”, “Add facts” and “Transfer ownership”. Create new item identity […] Read the full post

ReCheck Tutorial – Create item fact

Continuing our tutorials for ReCheck, we would like demonstrate how easy it is to create a fact for an item we have already claimed as our own. 1. Select the “Manage Facts” button once the item identity has been created   2. Tap the yellow circle to create a new fact for the item   […] Read the full post

Transfer Ownerwship

The last main subject to our tutorial will be the “Transfer Ownership” feature. 1.From “My items” select the product you want to transfer ownership to another user.                           2. Select the “Transfer Ownership” button                   […] Read the full post