ReCheck Trust Network

Recheck understands the importance of transparency in building trust between commercial parties and consumers. That is why we chose blockchain technology as the foundation of our ReCheck Trust Network (RTN).

The RTN is a formed by a group of networked computers (servers), which together form a secure infrastructure for the execution of business transactions based on blockchain technology. Our aim is to create a fully decentralised environment managed and operated not buy a single party but by all of its members together. Every member of the RTN is able to validate transactions related to recording and accessing data, verifying authenticity, transfer of ownership and a wide range of B2B and B2C interactions.

Eligible members of the RTN are organizations, which represent businesses within certain domain, support social cause or are engaged with educational and research activities. Examples are chambers of commerce, associations, NGOs, institutes, universities, etc.

Key requirements for inclusion as RTN (validator) member:

  • NGO, non-profit or public organizations
  • Represents the interest of its member organizations
  • Proven record in providing value
  • At least 3 years operation on the market
  • Established reputation
  • High professional business standards

The nature of RTN’s members constitutes a solid base for neutrality and trust, which we at Recheck consider to be key foundation values.

The network is designed to expand and to self-regulate by the means of achieving consensus regarding key decisions about its growth, management and roadmap.

If you consider yourself eligible for inclusion in RTN as a validator member, please contact us.