How it works

Get your Blockchain ID

Once you download the ReCheck application your unique identity will be automatically created on the blockchain. Your unique ID will be used every time you decide to store data on blockchain.

You are the sole owner of your identity and all data related to it. We encourage you to backup your identity by writing down the unique set of 12 words you will find in the menu.

Add facts and manage history of your belongings

You can register your valuable belongings on blockchain by entering unique identifiers like serial number, vehicle identification number (VIN), bicycle frame number or date and number of document. ReCheck also gives you the option to create new facts for an item you have already registered.

Now you are able to keep track of all the information related to your products – for example invoices, warranties and photos.

Attach ReCheck NFC tags to the items you claim and mark them as your ownership.

Transfer ownership

With ReCheck managing ownership on blockchain is easy, secure and transparent. You can transfer each product you have claimed to another user by providing unique ownership code. The item is moved with all the history and facts – for example when you transfer ownership of your car the buyer gets all maintenance and repair records. You can use the application as a wallet and store crypto currency in it.

Tap two NFC enabled mobile devices with installed ReCheck application and transfer ownership easily.