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Internet 3.0


“ReCheck” CEO and digital technology entrepreneur Emiliyan Enev along with director of digital products at “Capital” media Andrey Lyubenov, spoke just before Christmas about the ingenious application of the blockchain technology and it’s impact on human relations and the disruption of current economic models, during the Internet 3.0 discussion, as part of the . The audience was comprised of Capital media business readers and journalists.


Блокчейн технологията коренно променя интернет и отношенията между хора и организации и ще донесе дълбоки трансформации в икономиката. Днешната дискусия в рамките на #Клуб_Капитал (среща на бизнес читателите с журналистите) #Digital_Transformation е посветена именно на блокчейн технологиите. Разговарят Emiliyan Enev, предприемач в областта на дигиталните технологии, създател и CEO на ReCheck и Andrey Lyubenov, директор дигитални продукти в Капитал. + Взели сме мерки за стрийминга!

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Founders of ReCheck Emil Stoyanov and Emiliyan Enev were lecturers for an event organised by dev.bg in Sofia. The main theme of the event – “Blockchain – how and why we should design decentralised applications?” Essential topics were “The need for blockchain and the idea for developing applications on it”, “The requirements for clear evaluation – Yes or No to blockchain technology as a foundation for a system” and “The Ethereum platform as means for designing decentralised applications.


Innowave 2017


ReCheck was featured with in a pitching session during the Innowave Business and Startup Conference 2017 in Varna.


Capital/Plovdiv International Conference Industry 4.0


Emiliyan Enev, founder and CEO of ReCheck, was main lecturer during the Industry 4.0 conference in Plovdiv. Capital media conducted an interview with the entrepreneur about how the technology of blockchain will redesign the way we do business.


Read full interview here:





ReCheck founder and CTO Emil Stoyanov, took part as a jury in the Code4Tech 2.0 Programming competition in October 2017. The hackaton was organised with the help of Ruse University and Startup Factory. The event went under the slogan: “Solutions for people and businesses”.





Recheck’s CTO Emil Stoyanov led a workshop event at Britlands Smart Services Campus – centre of blockchain technology in Netherlands in September 2017.


Education Program for blockchain certificates

Bulgarian students were among the first to receive their digital certificates on blockchain. ReCheck was a contributor to a special event, organised by the Education program “The entrepreneur as an inventor”- an interactive course in entrepreneurial thinking based on the “student-centered” approach. ReCheck co-founder and CEO Emiliyan Enev provided the young students with their digital certificates on blockchain, for the completed course.




Dutch Media


ReCheck was mentioned for the first time in a Dutch media ISSUU among other innovative companies that develop digital products on the emerging technology of Blockchain.


Check page 4 of the Analyse E-Business edition from July 2017:



Bloomberg Interview 2

Founders of ReCheck Emil Stoyanov and Emiliyan Enev speak about the blockchain and its many applications in various industry in a special interview for Bloomberg TV Bulgaria.


Watch the entire interview here:




Workshop in Plovdiv July 2017


ReCheck founders Emil Stoyanov and Emiliyan Enev behind an upcoming workshop called “Blockchain use cases in manufacturing” in Plovdiv. The event is to server as warm-up before the International Conference Industry 4.0 in July.




Ethereum and Smart Contracts lecture with Emil Stoyanov.


ReCheck’s founder and CTO Emil Stoyanov gives a better explanation for Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts and their functionality before the Techruption community in Brightlands Smart Service Campus in Heerlen, Netherlands.


Check out the entire lection:


Introduction to Ethereum Development

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ReCheck on the path of a new technology


The two founders of ReCheck – Emil Stoyanov and Emiliyan Enev shared knowledge in an intriguing interview with dev.bg about the history of ReCheck and why the blockchain technology has the potential to innovate the ways we do business.

Read the entire interview here:


Ethereum Blockchain: Компанията Recheck разработва електронни етикети на основата на революционна за България технология


First Presentation

ReCheck startup was presented for the first time in Sofia by founder and CTO Emil Stoyanov during the XIV Sofia Crypto Meetup at the end of March.






ReCheck electronic tags in “Capital” Newspaper article about fake products

ReCheck was featured in an article of Capital Media about counterfeit products and the solution to the problem with the help of ReCheck electronic tag.


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Bloomberg interview 1



Recheck founders Emil Stoyanov and Emiliyan Enev were invited for their first interview for Bloomberg TV Bulgaria. The main topic was the innovative technology behind ReCheck electronic tags and their purpose to fight fake products on the global market.


See the entire interview here: