ReCheck is Pitching at France is AI Event Supported by the EU Commission


November 2020, ReCheck is among the nine pre-selected startups that will present its innovative solutions during a panel hosted in partnership with the European Commission’s project the DT2 Invest Launchpad. The panel is part of the two-day event dedicated to AI and blockchain organized by France Digitale – a leading startup organization in Europe that represents more than 1,500 French digital entrepreneurs and investors.

The Event

France is AI Conferences started in 2016 with the single mission to support the French ecosystem, but it has grown to become a more global event.

During the event, you will take advantage of high-level panels on AI in health, retail, and cybersecurity, featuring the best of European research labs and businesses. There will be 1-on-1 business meetings for startups-VCs, startups-corporates, and startups-VSE/SME/ETI. Participants will have the chance to meet and recruit from the 300 of the best candidates from French elite schools and training programs, specializing in technology, data, and product development.

Event link: Eventbrite

ReCheck’s Part

ReCheck will be among one of the nine pre-selected startups that will pitch at the DT2 Invest Launchpad Pitching Session. ReCheck will present its blockchain-based solutions and its core product, the Blockchain Kit. The Kit is the first choice for creators who want to future-proof their products and services in the transition to decentralised Internet Web 3.0. It is completely aligned with the emerging standards and regulations for decentralised identifiers (DiD), self-sovereign identity, and trust services for electronic transactions.

France Digitale

France Digitale is the leading startup organization in Europe. Created in 2012, following the Pigeon movement, the association represents more than 1,500 French digital entrepreneurs and investors. Their mission is to foster the growth of future European digital champions through creating a favorable regulatory environment for the ecosystem, raising funds, and recruitment initiatives.


ReCheck BV is a Dutch product-oriented startup that builds solutions in the field of information security, legal tech, and digital sovereignty. The company is one of the European pioneers in the development of practical decentralised applications with tangible value. ReCheck’s functionalities are easy to integrate and they improve security, privacy and traceability in data exchange.