ReCheck is Part of the Startup Program at TNW Event


25,000 of the world’s brightest minds will dig into how technology will change our collective future. The 15th edition of this one-of-a-kind event will be a fully digital experience, where participants will be able to present their products on virtual booths.

The Startup Program

As a part of the Startup Program, ReCheck will participate in the event and hold its own virtual booth to showcase its innovative solution that aims at making buildings smarter, greener and its stakeholders more connected. We are happy to be part of TNW community and spread awareness regarding how technology can improve cities. Come meet us, or better schedule a 1-on-1 meeting with us.

The whole event will take two days and cover thirteen different themes:

  • The Impact stage will feature the biggest names in tech, to present inspiring talks from those reshaping the future of technology. The Impact is for all those looking for motivation, inspiration, and thought-provoking ideas.
  • At Growth Quarters, the focus will be on sharing knowledge on how to scale and fuel sustainable growth. Stand out in an ever-crowded startup landscape.
  • Checkout will reveal what is hot if you want to become a successful retailer. Explore what is driving the retail revolution and find out the latest technologies you can adopt to retain customer loyalty and stay competitive.
  • Sustainable Societies will focus on how we can use greener and smarter tech to reverse the damage we have done to our planet. The theme will provide insights on how tech can help and the role businesses can play in creating a climate-resilient world.
  • ReBrand will help brands create a strong identity and strategy to conquer the hearts and the pockets of their target audience. Speakers will shed some light regarding how technology will change the ever-evolving marketing landscape.
  • Neural will emphasize on how artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning will transform ecommerce, healthcare, and other industries. Neural will discuss how we can ensure security and privacy as we move towards an AI-integrated future.
  • Shift will explore the latest mobility tech, trends, and challenges. How will technology reinvent the transport?
  • Form will discuss production of art, and the arena of self-expression. The theme will look further into what are some ways in which art can be interpreted and distributed.
  • Future of Work will focus on how incorporating remote work can attract new talent and how can companies and employees adapt to the new workplace landscape.
  • Sprint will dig into product design and explain why an intuitive user experience is no longer optional for digital products. Digital designers should build tools that not only deliver but delight.
  • Transform is for big businesses that want to stay relevant as new tech trends emerge at a faster-than-ever pace. The panel will discuss how to overcome challenges related to corporate innovations.
  • Ecosystems will focus on how tech can improve the life of every citizen. This theme will discuss how cities and nations can build strong tech ecosystems.
  • Assembly will gather European policymakers, businesses and technology leaders to find innovative and practical solutions on how to shape the future of tech together.

 You will be able to access successful thought leaders and make the most of your time with a personal event schedule. Some of the confirmed speakers are from Facebook, Shopify, Microsoft, Snap, NASA, Reddit, Spotify, Google, and Slack.

The digital event will give you the opportunity to message and book private meetings, with 25,000 potential new business partners and collaborators. Moreover, you will enjoy access to 1-on-1 networking meetings. Some of the featured exhibitors are Financial Times, T-Mobile, Adobe, Porsche, Huawei, and Startup Amsterdam.


Let’s meet at the The Next Web!