ReCheck focuses on blockchain solutions for artists and IP protection through digital certificate and product authenticity.


ReCheck continues to build bridges between technology and various business spheres. We put Arts under the scope, signifying all crafts can benefit from product authenticity through innovation.
Recent contact with local painters raised awareness about counterfeit of original works of art being sold as “genuine” on market. From a statistical perspective this problem was valid for both physical on online shop owners. Suffering from low sales and questionable credibility about the origin of their works, artist discovered the potential of blockchain for the protection of their intellectual property.

The initial concept involved the integration of NFC (Near Field Communication) chips on the any original works of art as proof for product authenticity. The chips hold the unique ID of an art piece (painting, sculpture, etc.). The information, being stored on blockchain, is easily accessible with the help of the ReCheck mobile app and a quick phone scan, confirming whether there is a digital signature present or not. An artwork with a Validated Creator certificate would signify the product is genuine as the entire information will be available for the user. This led to the expansion of the concept for better IP protection and the introduction of a serial number matching the ID of every artwork. In the case of original painting it can be written in the back or supplied separately.

Because blockchain presents a great environment for innovation, with the help of ReCheck, customers can “Claim ownership” of the art pieces they have purchased. The simple tag scan presents the option to the customer for claiming the product by entering the serial number that has been given by the artists at the time of the purchase. This feature is also great for curators who seek to have additional proof of ownership/certificate for original items in a digital library on blockchain.


ReCheck is happy to announce all these features are already in use by a local and very talented painter Miglena Kirilova who had a real a problem with her works being a subject to counterfeit. By using the specially designed NFC tags, along with the unique 12 digit code ID of her paintings, she is now assured her customers get her original works and fakes are immediately detected.


We will continue to improve business and user experience with ReCheck, making sure artists get the deserved credit for their real works and customers are fully aware of the origin of what they buy.