ReCheck Documents presented at CEE Block


ReCheck has always been up to date with what blockchain technology has to offer. The mission to provide a secure environment for digital transactions, authenticity of products and tracking of documentation and goods has been our source of inspiration in providing the means to users for such operations. The most recent service developed by ReCheck enables users to share, sign and store documents in an environment with strong focus on security. The CEO of ReCheck Emiliyan Enev demonstrated the product during CEE Block conference in Sofia on 25 October 2018.

The ReCheck Documents allows users and businesses to log in with their unique blockchain ideintity stored on the phone by simply scanning a challenge QR code on the web page with the ReCheck mobile app. After selecting and previewing an important document, the user can quickly send the file for a signature to a specifically designated contact. Once the recipients receive a notification for a pending signature request, they can immediately sign it using the mobile application, after which the sender can see the “confirmed signature” timestamp. This may sound like a simple process but there are many benefits for both users and businesses behind it.

ReCheck Documents prevents e-mail phishing and spoofing. The identities of both sender and receiver are stored on blockchain and they can exchange documents securely making sure that the files are exclusively transferred to selected users. ReCheck Documents supports end-to-end encryption and ultimate security in sharing confidential or sensitive data. The receiving party instantly confirms the authenticity and the authorship of a document and man-in-the-middle attacks are not possible.

As all services and applications ReCheck develops are on blockchain, the benefits of the technology are present in the service for managing documents. The users get immutable digital evidence on blockchain about agreements, ability to share privately documents, as well as full control of digital documentation with easy tracking about status of documents.


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