ReCheck announces partnership with PFC Levski to prevent counterfeit merchandise


PFC Levski and ReCheck announce the launch of a joint project to protect the authenticity of the club’s official merchandise through blockchain technology. This is the first initiative to register sporting products in a secure, decentralized environment to prevent counterfeit attempts. Within the pilot project, selected series of PFC Levski merchandise will be equipped with programmable NFC chips, proving the authenticity of the products on blockchain.

Levski fans can then scan the electronic tags with their mobile devices and make sure they buy original club products. It is only necessary for buyers to tap their smartphones on the NFC chip and read the encoded information. The service works similarly to contactless payment cards.

This solution will give a new look to club merchandise and connect it to the digital world. The project will provide the foundation for the development of innovative electronic services such as digital autographs and personal messages from players, video content and ownership management. Blockchain technology can open new opportunities for developing relations between fans and the club, as well as to engage supporters with initiatives by PFC Levski.

“We recently called on Levski fans to help fight counterfeit merchandise, and this technology partnership with ReCheck is our next step to protect the authenticity of Levski’s original products. We are glad that we are one of the first clubs in Europe to apply innovations such as a blockchain to digitize merchandise and increase its emotional value”, said Todor Minev, Marketing Director of PFC Levski.

“The mission of our company is to limit fake products on the market and to bring digital life to quality products. This pilot project with PFC Levski proves the practical value and utility of our blockchain based solution” – shared the co-founder of ReCheck Emiliyan Enev.