ReCheck and Motoretta join forces to introduce the most innovative products on the market

Embracing innovation has always been a starting point for ReCheck. The integration of blockchain as a new digital technology  finds more and more expressions daily. On our journey we encounter game-changing entrepreneurs and companies who excel in technology and innovation for a better future. Such is our case with Desi Nikolova and her company Motoretta.

Motoreta Group is the first Bulgarian company with its own brand electric scooters. Designed in Ruse with a stylish vision, the Motoretta mopeds are also distinguished by their outstanding technical specifications. The electric scooter is the modern way to travel comfortably in urban environment – it’s fast, silent, manoeuvrable. It’s parked easily everywhere, it’s friendly to the environment and it only costs cents to charge it.

Working towards an ever-increasing practicality, Motoretta mopeds will be equipped with a unique chip that reveals a number of possibilities for managing digital identity from their owners.

With the ReCheck mobile application and quick scanning of the special chip, Motoretta owners will be able to instantly identify the origin and characteristics of their mopeds, gain access to the digital passport of their vehicles including the entire maintenance record along with all the paperwork. Secure storage provided by blockchain makes these interactions possible and easy to implement. Any change made to the digital identity of a product is marked by a timestamp, which makes data manipulation impossible from external sources. The addition of digital facts to the product may vary – from the first registration of the moped to technical improvements / repairs made. Each chip will verify the origin of the product through and Motoretta as a Validated Creator for Digital Identity of the moped.

One of the most interesting features is the ownership certification through the dedicated chip and ReCheck app. The digital signature of each moped is encrypted according to the most up-to-date standards and is only available to its owner. Customers will be able to transfer ownership of their moped by request (for example, in the case of a sale) with all available history and technical improvements/modifications done to it.