Two Dutch startups are announcing a joint blockchain technology cooperation



Heerlen, July 10th 2018

The blockchain startup Recheck B.V. and the building materials management company Blockmaterials B.V. are announcing a strategic and operational partnership with the aim to enhance digitally the domain of building materials management. Through usage of the blockchain technology the two companies are adding so much needed layer of security and trust into the data related to buildings.

The business of material management and residual value estimation is known to be prone to data manipulation. With the help of blockchain, now documents and materials are getting digital identity, property rights and strong security. Using simple tools like a mobile application, customers of Block Materials B.V. can be assured that the collected and reported data from years back has kept its integrity, validity and content is untouched. As such property rights on the materials behind the data are firmly established and serve as a basis for valuation of those materials for re-use, CO2-rights on buildings and a starting point for further innovation and investments in the use of materials in buildings.

– “We are glad that Recheck B.V. with its innovative Blockchain solution has managed to provide us with a valuable tool which can work in favour of our customers. We are looking into a deeper integration with blockchain across our supporting information system.” – informed us Simon Duindam from Blockmaterials.

The blockchain technology is yet new on the tech radar, however more and more companies are seeing its values applied to their information systems or supply chain software.

– “We think that the blockchain as technology is yet to see new horizons and strong development. Even at that early stage it is already clear that companies can benefit a lot from it. The fact that Blockmaterials B.V. have chosen the blockchain technology as a security layer for their data and a foundation for transparent property rights speaks about innovative thinking and care about the customer customer relation on a new level. At Recheck we are glad to provide our solutions and knowhow as part of that cooperation.” – shared Emiliyan Enev, CEO of Recheck B.V.

While initially the blockchain technology was directly related to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, now we see a major shift to its utilisation as a security infrastructure for keeping data and executing business transactions based on newly established property rights. Recheck and Blockmaterials are one of the first in Netherlands to actually demonstrate its direct practical value with a ready, integrative solution.