Vision & passion
Innovation in technology has never ceased to inspire us

Our mission

Innovation in technology has never ceased to inspire us. Therefore, we assembled a team of individuals who share one vision and passion. Meet the people proving that blockchain technology can have practical real-world applications and bring actual value.

Emil Stoyanov, PhD

CTO and Co-founder

Emil Stoyanov is a seasoned software engineer and software product manager who has more than 15 years of experience in developing academic…

Emiliyan Enev

CEO and Co-founder

Emiliyan Enev is a serial entrepreneur and leader of the local startup ecosystem. As a regular speaker at blockchain and business events…

Marcel Nikkel

Manager Business Development

Marcel Nikkel has a broad background in building new businesses, start-ups, scale-ups and spin-offs. He is…

Boyan Petkov, PhD

Design and UX

Designer and researcher with multi-disciplinary experience. Dedicated to innovative startup enterprises and in love with the idea of…

Nikolay Uzunov

Product Manager

Over the past decade Nikolay had the chance to work with an extensive number of professionals in different business spheres. Assisting…

Martin Petrov

Back-end Development

Martin is a recent Computer Science graduate from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen Scotland. He has been involved in many personal…