ReCheck provides solutions for companies that seek to strengthen consumer trust and wish to create new customer experiences


Your company has put a lot of energy and care in building brands, image and business. Efforts that led to great achievements: your products are well known and rated as high quality. Users are happy, the trust they give your products and your company is the cornerstone of your success. ReCheck protects and strengthens this trust.

Counterfeiters may have noticed your success and seek to exploit it. Don’t give them a chance. By adding ReCheck-tags to your products you give them a unique and immutable digital identity. Consumer’s trust is strengthened because they are always certain to buy your authentic high-quality products.

ReCheck can do more for your company. Our technology enables you to promote your product in a new way. You can put any story you want on our tags. Interested shoppers can learn all about your product when scanning the ReCheck-tag with their smart phone. A whole new channel of communication arises when a shopper buys your products and becomes client. Your brand, image and business will grow to a new level.